Is It Possible To Make A Social Security Number Through The Internet?


 Document essential for the day to day life of the Brazilian citizen, taking the CPF until very recently was synonymous with bureaucracy and annoyance. However, the process has been simplified and it is now possible to make a CPF online. If you wish to arrange yours, just follow our step by step. Check out!

Register of Individuals

Register of Individuals

The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (CPF) is an identification document of the citizen that generates a personal and non-transferable number necessary for the taking of various measures in the civil sphere, such as income tax declaration, account opening in banks, purchase and sale of goods, entry into contests, among other things.

Among those individuals that are required to have a CPF are all those who must declare income tax, professionals, heirs or legatees of some estate, landlords, civil servants, holders of bank accounts that are well taxpayers of the INSS.

From the age of 16, every citizen can apply for his own CPF. The request for children under 16 years must be made by their legal guardians, and the same applies to people incapable or interdicted.

How to make a social security number through the internet?


To request your CPF, simply go to one of the post offices or public banks Caixa Econômica Federal or Banco do Brasil, with all the necessary documentation and pay a fee of R $ 5.70.

The other option is a much simpler procedure, via the internet. The first step is to access the IRS page through this link . On the homepage, we can see a line called “featured” and the “CPF” link.

After clicking on the link, on the next page we will have the “Internet Services” column, the first of which is the CPF issue. Bat, then click on the “Internet CPF Enrollment” link.

You will be directed to the application form. His first section concerns identification and gathers data such as full name, parents’ name, date of birth, and voter registration number. It is worth mentioning that it is precisely the need to inform the voters’ title that limits the online broadcast to citizens aged 16 or over.

The next section of the same form refers to the address. When entering your ZIP code, the data for the city, state, street and neighborhood will be filled automatically, simply completing the remaining data.

With the form already completed, just click on “send” at the bottom of the page. If the data is correct, your CPF number and proof of issue will be immediately generated.

The Internal Revenue Service no longer supplies the plastic card of the CPF. So write down your number and print your voucher. To do so just click on “Prepare to print” and then click “Print.”

The whole process is very practical and fast, not taking more than a few minutes. The service is totally free, available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including holidays.

Now that you already know how to make a CPF online, just gather the information you need and ask for yours. Do you have any questions about the procedure? Have you made use of this new modality of CPF emission? Comment on the post and share with us your opinions!





Consumer Loan Refinancing – Credit Loan

As a rule, consumer loans are made out in a hurry: a fridge served, a heat exchanger burned out in a washing machine, or simply furniture needed in a new apartment. In such situations, there is no time for reasoning and searching. So, without references and for an hour, express loans for a significant part of goods are issued in goods stores. Bypass unprofitable rates and overpayments can refinance consumer loans. Criticism at

Рефинансирование потребительского кредита


Consumer loan refinancing is a loan to repay a loan

Consumer loan refinancing is a loan to repay a loan

In essence, refinancing is a procedure for obtaining a new loan on favorable terms, which is designed to pay off current debt. Accordingly, choose the program carefully, taking into account the possible options.

You can use the lending program for a number of reasons:

  • if loan rates are initially too high and this is the norm for express loans;
  • if repayment extended over years is implied, then lending will help reduce overpayment by a factor of 2-3;
  • if you are not satisfied with the service in the creditor bank, the commission, late response to requests, rudeness in the branches and simply uncomfortable methods of making payment;
  • it is also a desire to unite one’s own loans and repay it with greater comfort. Apply for loan refinancing even if, due to vital circumstances, the loan became unbearable – in case of disability, dismissal, change of workplace or replenishment in the family.

Keep in mind the fact that the bank wants to see in the borrowers reliability. Therefore, if you have already delayed the payment of contributions for the current loan, it is better to inform about it immediately, with an explanation of the reasons. Stretching the loan terms will help to derive the minimum amount of payments feasible for the borrower.

Before searching for favorable conditions, it is worth looking at the current loan agreement: in some cases, providing for the right to mitigate the conditions and refinancing without collecting papers and other red tape.

Paper question

In matters of registration, refinancing is not inferior to the traditional consumer loan: you will also have to carefully select favorable terms of issue and collect a folder of acts. If you do not want to run around the city for a week and at the same time do not find a profitable offer, use the Internet: online, you can easily check and compare loan lending programs in banks in the region.

Be worried about collecting a standard package of acts:

  • passport;
  • certified by the signature of the head, a photocopy of the workbook;
  • certificate of income of the established sample or in the form of the bank.

The advantage of lending is the right to remove the burden on the pledged property, even with serious amounts of debt to the bank. Therefore, if at registration of a loan an agreement on a pledge of real estate or transport was made, also take this paper with you.

Refinancing gives the right to change the scheme and amount of payments and get a favorable amount of money. If this becomes a decisive factor for a person, and the difference between the rates does not exceed 2%, then it is worth thinking about your own attitude to finances and this is how a vicious circle forms, dragging you into a debt abyss.

Loan to consumer loans – a suitable way to correct the mistake made in a hurry. Before you rush into the vortex of debt, carefully assess the situation and figure out what amount of winnings you will receive after this procedure.


Reducing the Cost of Your Mortgage: Some Tips To Consider

According to a recent report by the Observatoire des Crédits aux Ménages (OCM), around 30% of French people use credit to finance their real estate purchase. It is therefore a solution towards which a large part of the population is turning. If you are also considering it as a means of financing, you are certainly interested in ways to reduce the cost of your credit. See

Negotiation plays an important role in a mortgage

 Negotiation plays an important role in a mortgage


It is always possible to lower the cost of your credit through trading. It should be noted that the cost we are discussing here relates to the APR (Total Annual Effective Rate), which represents the actual price of your loan. It includes interest, insurance, guarantees, fees, and ancillary costs. You should therefore be particularly interested in this information when you compare the different offers you can make a mortgage .


As previously stated, the application fee is included in the APR. Know that they are negotiable. Moreover, most of the time, banks offer these fees to their new clients. So do not hesitate to ask for their reduction from your bank . You will have a good chance of halving them and perhaps even reducing them to 0 euros in some cases. This deduction can be easily obtained, in particular, by accepting the subscription to another insurance offered by your banker.


Using your ability to save as an asset also allows you to get a discount during the negotiation phase with your bank. Indeed, the latter takes into account not only the income, but also the contribution during the study of your file. Thus, if you are able to give a contribution of 20% or more compared to the cost of your purchase transaction, you can earn a reduction of up to 0.4 points.


Consider borrower insurance delegation to achieve up to 50% savings and even more

 Consider borrower insurance delegation to achieve up to 50% savings and even more


Your bank will require you to subscribe to a borrower insurance . The latter is a cover for both the bank and you, in case of disability, disability, death or unemployment. As a result, your bank will usually offer you a “default” insurance policy for your home loan.


However, it is in your interest to compare it to other insurance offers available on the market. You have the possibility to opt for a delegation of insurance. In addition, know that according to your profile, the cost of your compulsory insurance can amount to a few tens of thousands of euros, at the end of the term of your credit. This gives cause for thought when it is estimated that it is possible to save up to 60% through the delegation of insurance borrower.


Hence the advantage of making a connection between the different solutions of mortgage insurance , to choose the one that allows you to get the best price / protection ratio. The law (Lagarde and Hamon) requires the bank to accept this transaction, provided, however, that your insurance offers an equivalence of guarantees with his “home” contract.


Fir 2, the new law for terminating borrower insurance


Change loan insurance to save, soon possible at any time? Focus on the objectives of the law Sapin 2 and its conditions of application.


The borrowers repaying a mortgage for more than a year can rejoice: they should soon be able to opt for a new loan insurance contract. But beware, we do not know yet if the law Sapin 2 will really apply to old loans …


The choice of borrower insurance is expanding to all borrowers

The choice of borrower insurance is expanding to all borrowers

Since 2010, the Lagarde law allows new borrowers to opt for an individual insurance offer for the subscription of their Bill Sikes. This possibility of choosing a contract other than that of the lending bank was then extended in 2014 with the Hamon law. As a reminder, the latter allows to delegate insurance during the first year of borrowing.

Pierre-Alain Muet, Deputy of the 2 nd Riding of the Rhone, recalled the current situation during his keynote address on 29 September. Date on which the National Assembly adopted almost unanimously the right to annual change of borrower insurance.


Thus, people who wished to delegate their Bill Sikes insurance after one year of Bill Sikes have been refused by their bank. In some cases, the files have been taken to court. A case last March even highlighted the disagreement of the Courts of Appeal and Cassation on the subject . At the moment, the various laws in favor of borrower insurance delegation benefit only new loans and those of less than one year.

It is against this limitation of the law that an amendment to the draft law on transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernization of economic life (or law Sapin 2) has been proposed. This law has 3 main components:

  • Strengthening the transparency of democracy and the economy
  • More effective fight against corruption
  • Modernization of economic life

It is within this last line of work that the amendment concerning borrower insurance was adopted. The objective: to allow annual cancellation of the borrower insurance, in the same way as any other insurance contract (home, car, etc.). Thus, all households could reduce the total cost of their mortgage.

Loan insurance weighs up to 40% of the total cost of a home loan

Loan insurance weighs up to 40% of the total cost of a home loan

Potential savings, which can be significant, are the main interest borrowers have in having their loans secured by a third-party insurer. Extremely low interest rates reduce banks’ margins. To compensate, the banking institutions inflate the premiums of their insurance of loan.

A group contract can represent up to 40% of the total cost of a home loan. By opting for an individual contract, borrowers can expect a significant decline in this share. At Crédit Bill Sikes Bill Sikes, for example, it is on average savings of € 10,000 that is obtained for a loan of € 200,000.

Changing loan insurance is also an opportunity to refine the guarantees of the contract by adapting them to the specific needs of each borrower. The annual termination would allow some former patients to benefit from the right to be forgotten even if they repay a Bill Sikes. Today, borrowers who have suffered a critical illness continue to pay for expensive insurance, designed for high health risks. If they fulfill the conditions of application of the right to be forgotten , they could opt for a new borrower insurance without surcharges or exclusions.

For this, the Sapin 2 law should also apply to current Bill Sikess and not only to those signed after its entry into force.

The Sapin 2 law, only for new contracts?

The Sapin 2 law, only for new contracts?

It is not excluded that the Ministry of Economy and Finance could limit the scope of the Sapin 2 law to loans signed following its application. If this provision were to be taken, the number of borrowers benefiting from the annual termination of insurance would be limited in the short term.

On the other hand, an opening of the loan insurance delegation to all existing loans would mean immediate benefits for the French. As part of the objectives of the Lagarde and Hamon laws, the Sapin 2 law could then succeed in democratizing this operation.

Impact On The Purchase Of Credits? Payday Loans


Announced in early fall 2016, the rise in interest rates has indeed begun. What does this mean for the Bill Sikes buyback market?


After falling steadily, interest rates have reached a low level and are expected to rise slightly. In this context, the renegotiation or the purchase of real estate loans remain advantageous operations for the borrowers. What about the grouping of Bill Sikess?


Differentiate the repurchase of a mortgage and the repurchase of several Bill Sikess

Differentiate the repurchase of a mortgage and the repurchase of several Bill Sikess

First of all, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between the redemption of real estate Bill Sikes and the purchase of Bill Sikess. These two financial transactions do not necessarily meet the same needs.


  • Redeeming your home loan can reduce the interest rate on the loan. It is also an opportunity to reconsider the guarantees to be included in the borrower insurance and, why not, proceed with a delegation of insurance borrower. Here, the goal is to save on the total cost of a home loan.


  • Redeeming – or consolidating – its Bill Sikess reduces the amount of the monthly payment. This is to consolidate all outstanding loans into one single loan. The reduction of the monthly repayments is then possible thanks to a spread of the duration of the debt. Here, the goal is to avoid over-indebtedness of the household.


The rise in interest rates concerns real estate loans. Thus, it is the people repaying a mortgage or wishing to buy one that are primarily affected by this development.

For borrowers who call on the purchase of Bill Sikess, these interest rates can also play but only in certain situations. It is therefore necessary to study cases on a case-by-case basis in order to know whether the rise in interest rates has an impact, or not, on the pooling of Bill Sikess.


The answer lies in the analysis of loans integrated into the purchase of Bill Sikess

The answer lies in the analysis of loans integrated into the purchase of Bill Sikess

With a loan redemption, the borrower is granted a single loan including all its loans. This new loan can meet two types of maximum aggregate effective rate – or rate of wear -: that of real estate loans or that of consumer Bill Sikes.

If the redemption includes one or more real estate Bill Sikes (s) representing more than 60% of the amount of the consolidated loans, the loan granted then has the rate of attrition of a mortgage. Otherwise, the borrower takes out a loan with the rate of wear that of a consumer Bill Sikes. This last type of loan represents 75% of the Bill Sikes repurchases processed by Crédit Bill Sikes Bill Sikes over the first 3 quarters of 2016. Thus, for ¾ loan buy-backs, the question of the rise in interest rates does not arise because It only concerns mortgages with real estate rates.

Redemptions of loans that give rise to a loan at the rate of real estate use can therefore be affected by changes in interest rates. However, the current rise in interest rates is not a real issue for borrowers wishing to consolidate their loans.


The interest rate is not the first criterion for a purchase of Bill Sikess

The interest rate is not the first criterion for a purchase of Bill Sikess

Whether it is a loan with a rate of real estate wear or consumption, the rates applied to the purchase of Bill Sikess are higher than those of conventional bank loans. For some cases, the interest rate granted even approaches the usury threshold.

The reason for this is simple: borrowers who call on the purchase of Bill Sikes are mostly in a situation of debt or even over-indebtedness. In general, the transaction is therefore riskier than subscribing to a conventional bank loan. To cover these risks, the redeeming institution thus displays relatively high interest rates.

The rise in interest rates has started but looks particularly slow and light. It will therefore have no impact on the Bill Sikes buyback market.

Finally, let us not forget that the majority of the beneficiaries of the loan buyback wish above all to reduce their monthly payments to find a calm financial situation. The operation is proving to be a necessity for a number of borrowers. Unlike real estate loans, for example, the interest rate linked to the transaction is not a decisive criterion for these households.