Is It Possible To Make A Social Security Number Through The Internet?


 Document essential for the day to day life of the Brazilian citizen, taking the CPF until very recently was synonymous with bureaucracy and annoyance. However, the process has been simplified and it is now possible to make a CPF online. If you wish to arrange yours, just follow our step by step. Check out!

Register of Individuals

Register of Individuals

The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (CPF) is an identification document of the citizen that generates a personal and non-transferable number necessary for the taking of various measures in the civil sphere, such as income tax declaration, account opening in banks, purchase and sale of goods, entry into contests, among other things.

Among those individuals that are required to have a CPF are all those who must declare income tax, professionals, heirs or legatees of some estate, landlords, civil servants, holders of bank accounts that are well taxpayers of the INSS.

From the age of 16, every citizen can apply for his own CPF. The request for children under 16 years must be made by their legal guardians, and the same applies to people incapable or interdicted.

How to make a social security number through the internet?


To request your CPF, simply go to one of the post offices or public banks Caixa Econômica Federal or Banco do Brasil, with all the necessary documentation and pay a fee of R $ 5.70.

The other option is a much simpler procedure, via the internet. The first step is to access the IRS page through this link . On the homepage, we can see a line called “featured” and the “CPF” link.

After clicking on the link, on the next page we will have the “Internet Services” column, the first of which is the CPF issue. Bat, then click on the “Internet CPF Enrollment” link.

You will be directed to the application form. His first section concerns identification and gathers data such as full name, parents’ name, date of birth, and voter registration number. It is worth mentioning that it is precisely the need to inform the voters’ title that limits the online broadcast to citizens aged 16 or over.

The next section of the same form refers to the address. When entering your ZIP code, the data for the city, state, street and neighborhood will be filled automatically, simply completing the remaining data.

With the form already completed, just click on “send” at the bottom of the page. If the data is correct, your CPF number and proof of issue will be immediately generated.

The Internal Revenue Service no longer supplies the plastic card of the CPF. So write down your number and print your voucher. To do so just click on “Prepare to print” and then click “Print.”

The whole process is very practical and fast, not taking more than a few minutes. The service is totally free, available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, including holidays.

Now that you already know how to make a CPF online, just gather the information you need and ask for yours. Do you have any questions about the procedure? Have you made use of this new modality of CPF emission? Comment on the post and share with us your opinions!





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